Delightful Wooden Toys for children of all ages; Stunning, imaginative colourful toys that will last for generations; Educational Wooden Toys that will fascinate children for hours!

We have a huge range of Wooden Toys, Play Food, Teddy Bears, Home Accessories, and Gifts for all ages and occasions!

Our focus is not only on the Traditional Wooden Toy designs, but very much the introduction of the Contemporary Wooden Playthings.

Play value is of great importance, allowing freedom for a child’s imagination and creativity.

Transform your child’s play experiences with superb quality, natural toys that are affordable, beautifully designed and lovingly crafted.

Award-winning educational and imaginative wooden toys, many hand-crafted in Europe, ethically-produced, with added concern for the environment.

We have everything from Miniature Teddy Bears as small as 1cm tall to huge pieces of children’s furniture!

Let us know if you’re looking for something in particular, we can probably help, even if it’s pointing you in the right direction! - Under Construction

Our website is unfortunately closed at the moment, as we're making a new one!

We will be back to serve you soon.

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